A window actuator is a component that enables the opening of a window via motor-driven automation. Basically, it is an electric window opener and can come in various forms, including a chain, folding arm, rack, or pinion mechanism.

We are regularly asked about window actuators and decided to answer all the common questions and how actuator controls can benefit your windows.

Window Actuators

What are the benefits of window actuators? 

There are many advantages of window actuators. We have listed 5 benefits that we think you will find helpful.

  1. Window actuators are easy to use

Out of reach windows, like skylights for example, are hard to open and close manually. You will need a ladder or steps, and what usually happens is people don’t bother to try and open or close them.

This can create overheating in buildings and other issues, like condensation and mould due to a lack of ventilation. Motorising windows that are out of reach just makes sense.

  1. Automatic actuator controls

Installing electric window openers allows anyone who struggles to open windows to use a remote control for easy use. It supplies freedom, especially for anyone vulnerable and wishes to be independent.

You can also hook these actuators up to a smart building. They supply an extra level of safety and security. For example, in a nursing home caring for people with conditions like dementia, residents may try opening windows and forget how or why they are using them. By having automatic window actuators, you can care for yourself and others.

The smart properties can use geolocation to shut and lock the windows when someone is not there, securing the building, and make it safer. You can also set them to open at a particular time whilst in the building every day to optimise airflow and keep the property cool.

  1. Energy-efficient window actuators

Electric window openers are an excellent way to save money on energy usage.

You can use smart technology or your instinct, if the tech isn’t available, to open and close any combination of windows at once if the building is getting too cold or too warm. These can link up to a smart thermostat or temperature sensors around the property.

Windows actuators can also alert you if a window is left open too long. You can close windows right away and code the windows, so you know whether they are open or not.

  1. Window actuators give safety and security

Electric actuator window openers make it easier and safer to use windows. If anyone who struggles to open a window, it reduces the risk of accidents such as falling or trapped fingers since the user doesn’t need to come into contact with the window at all.

If you’re looking to be more secure, installing electric window openers can keep out intruders and thieves. You can also close all windows at the same time if you’re worried about a security threat.

  1. Windows actuators control humidity and air quality

If you have humidity sensors, you can receive alerts when to open your windows. Having these alerts reduces the risk of humidity throughout the building. The electric window actuators help provide ventilation for a healthier environment.

You can regulate a room’s temperature to ensure a comfortable atmosphere and protect thousands of pounds worth of equipment or displays from becoming damaged by damp conditions.

Actuator on window

What window actuator do I need? 

There are a variety of window actuators available for different window types. It depends on what free area can be used in the window and which actuator is the most suitable. Here is our quick guide on which window actuator is ideal for different window types.

Actuator Window Types

Actuator on a bottom hung window

Commonly a controlled chain actuator is used, or for larger windows, a folding arm is a reliable option.

Actuator on a side hung window

A chain drive actuator would be suitable depending on the available free space. Otherwise, a slit actuator or folding arm can be used.

Actuator on a top-hung outward opening window

Usually controlled by a chain actuator, but for a larger window, a folding arm is a dependable choice.

Actuator on a rising sash window

To automate a vertical sash window, you can use a linear actuator, the best choice for these types of windows.

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