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Manual Window Control

Manually operate high level or hard to reach windows using our large range of Manual Window Controls. Our product range of high window openers includes Highline and Scewjack and Pole systems.

Manual Window Controls

The system is very flexible, as the conduit can be bent around obstructions to allow the operating handle to be positioned at an easy to reach location. Multiple vents can be operated from a single operator. Various types of operators are available from the most popular Midi Operator to the Maxi Operator for heavier window loads. The system can be fitted to most styles of windows and even be used on rooflights when used with Screwjack window openers. They act exceedingly well as window openers for high windows.

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Example Systems

Example manual window control systems
Example manual window control systems

Commercial Manual Window Openers

Highline type systems can be used for a variety of purposes including Commercial applications. High window opening mechanisms are very flexible and offer a low cost solution to naturally ventilate your building, ensuring a healthy working or learning environment.

Ideal for:

Domestic Manual Window Opener

Manual Window Controls also offer a great solution for ventilation in a Domestic environment. Use a Screwjack and Pole to operate a conservatory rooflight or a Highline Chain Opener to operate a hard to reach window in a kitchen. The systems are very flexible allowing them to operate almost any window or rooflight.

Ideal for:

  • Conservatory Rooflights
  • Hard to reach windows eg. Kitchens & Stairs

  • The Future Homes Standard – the key changes to Building Regulations Part F