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Inputs / Accessories

Smoke Ventilation Systems are now an integral part of Fire and Safety strategies within building environments. Smoke Vents are designed to release smoke within a certain area of the building ie; Stairwells, Corridors or Lobbies. Certain triggers can be included in a system, these range from Manual Call Points to Automatic.

Manual Call Points include Emergency Breakglass, Firemans Override Switches, Firemans Override Key-Switches. These can be operated by Fire Officer to manually control the Smoke Vent depending on the circumstances.

Automatic triggers or inputs range from Smoke Sensors, Smoke Sensors with Sounders or Fire Alarms. These inputs are designed to automatically detect Smoke within its area. Upon a signal from one of these inputs the Smoke Vent System or AOV will fully open until smoke is no longer present or the system has been reset.