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Smoke Vents

Our range of vents can be used for Smoke ventilation or in Natural ventilation applications. They are expertly designed to run efficiently and be fully weatherproof, whilst we also have insulated vent options in order to improve a building’s thermal performance. Aesthetically pleasing options are also available to suit multiple project requirements. Each of them has been tested to the relevant European EN Standards.

Roof vents provide a passageway for heat and smoke to be removed via the top of a building. Alternatively, they might also be used to improve airflow and naturally ventilate premises. Rooflights can be configured to open via an actuator.

In order to comply with Building Regulations, it is essential for premises to be properly ventilated and have an adequate fire strategy in place. Wall ventilation is suitable for either purpose. If aesthetics are important for your project, we have stylish wall vents available to choose from.

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