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Natural Ventilation - Control Units

CCU1 Control Unit

CCU2 Control Unit

EVC Control Unit

Natural Ventilation - Inputs / Accessories

CTS1 CO2 & Temperature Sensor

RRTKEY Key Switch

RS1 Rain Sensor

EVC-RC8 Remote Transmitter

RCU3-RC Remote Transmitter

RCU1-RC Remote Transmitter

S50-1 Rocker Switch

WLA 110 Room Thermostat

WLA 330 Wind & Rain Sensor

RCU1-SWITCH Wireless Switch

RCU1-TIMER Wireless Timer

WSK 100 Rocker Switch

Other - 24v DC Transformers

PSU-2 24V DC Transformer

PSU-4 24V DC Transformer

PSU-8 24V DC Transformer

Other - Remote Control

EVC-RC8 Remote Transmitter

RCU3-RC Remote Transmitter

RCU1-RC Remote Transmitter

RCU1-SWITCH Wireless Switch

Other - Switch Control

RRTKEY Key Switch

S50-1 Rocker Switch

RCU1-SWITCH Wireless Switch

WSK 100 Rocker Switch

Smoke Ventilation - AOV Control Units

WSC 204 AOV Control Unit

VCS-S2 AOV Control Unit

Smoke Ventilation - Inputs / Accessories for smoke ventilation systems

BG1/S Breakglass Callpoint

BG2/FOS Manual Override Key Switch

BG1/FOS Manual Override Switch

SSR-D Smoke Sensor

WSK 501 Manual Callpoint

WSK 320 Manual Callpoint


Highline - Highline Openers

T100 Chain Opener

T150 Chain Opener

T120 Chain Opener c/w Handle

T125 Chain Opener c/w Handle

T190 Fork & Swivel Opener

T175 Locking Opener

SJ138600 Screwjack Opener

Highline - Highline Operators

T210 Maxi Operator

T200 Maxi Operator

T250 Midi Operator

T260 Midi Operator

T300 Mini Operator

Screwjacks & Poles - Screwjacks

W3030 Screwjack Opener

SJ154-TOH Tandem Screwjack Opener

Screwjacks & Poles - Winding Poles

SJ87-OH Crank Handle

W3041 Crank Handle

Smoke Vents

AOV Roof Vents - AOV Centre Pivot Windows

SV-R-CP AOV Centre Pivot Window

AOV Roof Vents - AOV Roof Louvres

SV-R-L2 AOV Roof Louvre

AOV Roof Vents - AOV Rooflights

SV-R-RL1 AOV Roof Hatch

AOV Wall Vents - AOV Dampers

AOV Wall Vents - AOV Glazed Louvres

SV-W-GL2 AOV Glazed Louvre

SV-W-GL AOV Glazed Louvre

AOV Wall Vents - AOV Louvres

Window Actuators

Chain Actuators - Double Chain Actuators

Chain Actuators - Single Chain Actuators

MICRO EVO2 Chain Actuator

L35RC Chain Actuator (Radio)

Linear Type - Rack & Pinion Actuators

Linear Type - Rooflight Opening Kit

Linear Type - Spindle Actuators

S08 Spindle Actuator

WMS 306-n Spindle Actuator

D31 FCE Spindle Actuator

D4 FCE Spindle Actuator

D8 FCE Spindle Actuator

EURO1 Spindle Actuator

WMS 309-n Spindle Actuator

WMS 409-n Spindle Actuator