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Smoke Ventilation

Here at Teal Products, we offer a range of electric window controls for use as part of a smoke ventilation system, which forms an integral part of fire & safety strategies within domestic and commercial buildings.

Our range of AOV control units can be linked to a wide range of 230V AC and 24V DC actuators to automatically open smoke vents to release smoke within stairwells, corridors, lobbies and other areas of a building.

We also have a range of inputs and accessories for configuring to our AOV control units. We have smoke sensors, fire alarms and other automatic triggers which can automatically signal a smoke vent to open upon detection of smoke.

However, we also have manual call points such as emergency breakglass and fireman’s override switches, which can operated by a Fire Officer for manual smoke vent control.

Established in 2000, Teal Products is one of the leading experts on smoke ventilation systems in the UK.

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