A key consideration for any hotel guest is the quality of the fresh air in their room and this makes ventilation important for owners to consider. You might be wondering what the best ventilation method is for hotels so let us at Teal Products explore this.

Natural ventilation systems are amongst the most cost-effective option compared to mechanical systems, which makes them the ideal solution. They work by providing fresh air into a room using passive force such as differing pressures or wind speed. The different types include cross and stack ventilation. Cross ventilation is suitable for narrow buildings and this occurs when there is a pressure difference between the sides of the building. The high-pressure side draws air in while the other draws air out. Stack ventilation is more suited to taller buildings and sees colder air drawn in at a lower level which becomes warmer as it is exposed to heat sources throughout the building. This causes it to rise before being vented out.

These types of ventilation systems can be provided with windows that automatically open and close using actuators. These are operated by a control system as well as sensors for rain and temperature.


The benefits of a natural ventilation system

  • • They can be easily controlled by the occupant to ensure their comfort easily
  • • Using fresh air is an environmentally friendly choice and reduces carbon emissions compared to air conditioning
  • • They are suitable for high-rise buildings which makes them ideal for use in hotels
  • • Natural ventilation systems are far easier to maintain than air conditioning units


Our product range is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications which will improve the air quality and ventilation in any building. Our control units can operate 230V AX and 24V VC window actuators as well as CO2 sensors, and weather and temperature sensors. They will automatically close the windows in the event of rain, high windows or a dramatic change in temperature and open if Co2 is detected or a high temperature. We offer both manual and electric window controls from well established brands including Highline, Mingardi and Windowmaster. Our technical team are experts in this field and are on hand for any queries you may have with over 20 years experience in the industry. Our high quality products all come with a 2 year warranty for extra peace of mind

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