Chain operator diagramDuring this year’s summer break, hundreds of schools around the UK were fitted with Highline systems. The current boom of Highline installations, no doubt being performed in preparation for the new school year, has coincided with the release of updated ventilation guidelines for schools. So if you’re an installer or contractor who regularly installs or refurbishes ventilation systems in schools, you might be curious to learn about the recent updates.

Updated ventilation guidelines for schools

Building Bulletin 101: Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools, sets out ventilation guidelines in schools and was updated in August 2018. This is an essential document for anyone performing construction or refurbishment work in schools. The document outlines that adequate means of ventilation must be provided within schools. Installing a Highline system is a method for helping schools to comply with these guidelines.

Highline systems

Highline systems are used for natural ventilation purposes. They’re a manual window control system which consists of a window opener that is operated via a manual window winder. They’re a flexible system, designed to allow for ease of operation. Suitable for use on most styles of windows and some roof lights, multiple windows can be opened and closed via a single winder.

They are a cost-effective solution and are suitable for use in a range of commercial applications, not just schools. For example, gymnasiums, swimming pools and offices are ideal locations for Highline systems.

Exceptional products and next day delivery on most orders with Teal

Despite the school year recommencing soon, school buildings across the country still require ventilation systems in order to comply with the updated guidelines. Teal Products are a reliable supplier of a range of natural ventilation systems, both manual and automatic, all of which are compliant with European Standards. If you require either for your next project or if you’d like more information on ventilation requirements, give us a call on 01242 620318 or contact us online.