A selection of some of our window openers and smoke detection products

Are you involved in the management or maintenance of a commercial building? It could be an office building, school, retail outlet, local authority establishment, or any other commercial property. If so, it’s highly likely that some of your building’s windows are located out of easy reach. At Teal Products, we provide innovative window openers for a range of applications. They are user friendly, easy to install, and provide a convenient way to open windows which are usually inaccessible.

Here are 10 reasons why motorised window openers are useful to all commercial buildings.

1. Switch access to high/out of reach windows

As already mentioned, high level windows can be impossible to reach. Switch activated motorised window openers are the perfect solution for roof and high-level windows.

2. Improved ventilation

Easy action motorised window opening means you can adequately ventilate your building whenever required. Improved air flow will create a better interior atmosphere and boost worker productivity.

3. Safe 24V DC actuator

Low voltage actuators are both safe and cost-effective. They are the perfect way to power your window’s opening.

4. Concealed cables and wiring

The idea of unsightly cables and wiring can be off-putting and a potential risk. Any cables can be easily hidden inside wall covers or window frames.

5. Low noise operation

All our motorised window openers provide a low noise operation. Their noise emission levels won’t disturb workers or customers.

6. Automatic and manual modes available

For convenience, our motorised window openers can be automatic or manually operated.

7. Smoke release emergency activation

In case of fire, our window openers can feature a smoke ventilation mode. They will open when smoke is detected and stay open until all the smoke has dissipated.

8. Meet industry safety and ventilation regulations

When you want to ensure that your building meets all the necessary safety ventilation regulations, motorised window openers are a great choice.

9. Interior climate control

Keep your building warm in winter and cool in summer while boosting energy efficiency capacity and lowering your carbon footprint.

10. Compatible with uPVC, aluminium, and timber windows

All our window openers can be installed on windows made from any material and on almost any type of window.

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