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Window Opener FAQ’s

Something on your mind? Find a complete list of frequently asked questions about our range of manual and electric window openers suited for commercial and domestic applications.

Q: Who are Teal Products Ltd?


A: Since 2000, Teal Products Ltd have been a leading provider across the UK of manual and electric window control systems, covering all areas including: natural ventilation, smoke control, window automation and manual window control.

Q. What are window openers called and what do actuators do?


A. A window opener is also known as window actuator. An actuator is a component responsible for achieving physical movements or controlling a mechanism/system. As a result, this converts energy, manual or electrical, into linear or rotary motion to open and close a window.

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Q. What are manual window openers?


A. Manual window openers enable hard to reach individual or multiple windows, to be opened or closed from a single operating mechanism. Manual window openers are determined by the fact these actuators require a manual and physical motion from a fixed point to open and close a window. Our range of manual window openers have been fundamental applications in commercial settings such as museums, schools and libraries.

Q. How do manual window openers work?


A. Suited for high level, difficult to access windows, manual window actuators are controlled by a cable driven system operating a chain or screwjack opener and is controlled by a fixed rotating handle in a convenient location so you can easily open and close the window. The connecting cable will be covered in conduit to hide wiring and can be placed around obstacles and pillars to provide full flexibility on the positioning of your handle.

Q. What are electric window openers?


A. Electric window openers are similar to manual window openers however they are distinguished by the fact they are operated remotely. A sensor, button or pre-set configuration activates the motor which powers the opening mechanism of the actuator. These actuators vary from the setting they are used in and you can find more information on the functions of electric window openers in this handy blog post

Q. How do electric window openers work?


A. Electric window openers can be operated via remote controls to avoid the need to manually operate an actuator. This can be achieved via a remote control or programmed on timers which be set to open and close the high-level vents at desired times of day to provide ventilation to your building.

In addition to this, electric window openers can be operated by a range of inputs such as rain, wind and CO2 sensors which are linked up to control units for full automation purposes and added peace of mind.

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Q. Do you install window actuators?


A. We do not install window actuators. Teal Products Ltd is a supply only company. However, having supplied numerous professional installers for domestic and commercial applications across the country, we have accumulated a large network of trusted installers that will be more than happy to help. Fill out our installers form and we will put you in touch with the nearest recommended installer in your area.

Q. Do you offer a delivery service?


A. At Teal Products Ltd we operate on a fast turnaround quota and offer next day delivery on the vast majority of our product range to ensure you can don’t have to wait around and get your project underway.

Q. Do you offer after care support on your range of window opener products?


A. Absolutely. Teal Products Ltd has over 20 years’ experience in the distribution of window control systems. We have the technical expertise to fulfil your requirements and you can expect a professional and friendly service from our team of Window Control Experts. From initial enquiry through to the aftercare support, our team ensure you have everything you need for your project.

Q. How can I get in touch?


A. Our team of professionals are available Monday through to Friday, 08:30 – 17:00, via telephone on 01242 620318 or alternatively you can get in touch via email, For product queries or other enquiries, you can get a free quote and a member of our friendly sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

All our products are supplied complete with fixing instructions to assist in installation.

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