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Winding Poles

Screwjack & Pole systems are used for operating high level pitched roof windows. The system consists of a Screwjack Opener & Winding Pole. The Winding Pole is hooked onto the Screwjack Opener and wound to drive the window open or closed.

A high window opener pole system is a cost effective solution in comparison to other methods of providing natural ventilation. Using manual winding handles and screwjacks is ideal for conservatories or environments that can often become hot and stuffy.

You can order a window opener pole in a Silver, Polished Brass or Polished Chrome finish. They also come in a range of pole lengths and are compatible with Screwjacks that have different maximum opening sizes; the SJ87-OH Crank Handle is used in systems with a 310mm maximum opening stroke, and the W3041 Crank Handle is used for 300mm systems.