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Screwjack & Pole systems are used for operating high level pitched roof windows. The system consists of a Screwjack Window Opener & Winding Pole. The Winding Pole is hooked onto the Screwjack Opener and wound to drive the window open or closed.

The use of a Screwjack window opener system is a cost effective solution in comparison to other methods for providing natural ventilation. Ideal for use in conservatories or environments that can often become hot and stuffy.

A screwjack can be ordered in a Polished Brass or Polished Chrome finish and they are available in various opening sizes and pole lengths. For a 300mm maximum opening stroke, use the W3030 Screwjack Opener. However, for a 310mm maximum opening, use either the SJ135-OH Screwjack Opener or the SJ154-TOH Tandem Screwjack Opener.