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Highline Operators

Manual Window Operators are used to operate window openers for high windows. Also referred to as Teleflex handles, Highline window winders can be placed at a low level or easy reach location, allowing the user to easily control windows which would otherwise be impossible to reach. Using Highline Winding Gear, you can operate single or multiple windows, opening them to a maximum of 250mm or 380mm.

Used in conjunction with Highline window openers as part of a manual window control system, they’re suitable for use in a wide range of domestic and commercial projects as a means of providing natural ventilation.

Highline Winding Gear is available in White, Black or Grey finish, with maximum opening sizes of 250mm or 380mm. For a 250mm opening, please use the T250 Midi Operator, T300 Mini Operator, or T200/T210 Maxi Operators. For a 380mm opening, please use the T260 Midi Operator, T300 Mini Operator or T210 or T200 Maxi Operators.