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Highline Openers

Highline Manual Window Opener (T100) are used with manual window operators on high level windows. With this manual winding gear, the user can control individual or multiple sets of windows from a single handle operator. They come supplied complete with vent bracket. The perfect window openers for high windows that are inaccessible.

Highline Window Controls are incredibly flexible, so they’re regularly used in a wide range of domestic and commercial applications as part of a natural ventilation system. Popular applications include classrooms, office spaces and gyms. However, we can supply Teleflex openers for use in any manual window control systems.

Available in a range of finishes from White and Black to Stainless Steel, we supply openers with maximum opening sizes of 250mm, 280mm, 300mm and 380mm. For a 250mm opening, please use the T100 Chain Opener, T175 Locking Opener or T190 Fork & Swivel Opener. For a 280mm opening, use the T120 Chain Opener, and for a 300mm opening, the T125 Chain Opener. For a maximum opening size of 380mm, please use the T150 Chain Opener or the SJ138600 Screwjack Opener.