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Manually operate high level or hard to reach windows using our large range of Manual Window Controls. Our product range includes Highline and Screwjack and Pole systems and they are suitable for use in a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

Highline systems are used for opening hard to reach windows. Manual window winders for high windows can be placed at a low level or easy reach location, allowing the user to easily control windows which would otherwise be impossible to reach. Using Highline manual winding gear, you can operate single or multiple windows, opening them to a maximum of 250mm or 380mm.

Screwjack & Pole systems are used for operating high level pitched roof windows. The system consists of a Screwjack Opener & Winding Pole. The Winding Pole is hooked onto the Screwjack Opener and wound to drive the window Open or Closed.

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