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Windowmaster - WSC 204 - AOV Control Unit

AOV Control Unit - Used as part of a Smoke Ventilation / Extraction system to Open or Close AOV Actuators in the event of Smoke detection.

AOV Control Unit

Product ID: WSC 204

Windowmaster WSC 204 Smoke Control AOV Panel (4.8 Amp) for control of ±24V DC Actuators for the function of smoke extraction combined with daily comfort ventilation.

Key features

  • Control for 24V DC Window Actuators (4.8 Amp max)
  • 1-Zone
  • Input options for Manual Callpoints
  • Smoke Sensor, Fire Alarm (using WSA306)
  • Rocker Switch, Wind & Rain Sensors
  • Supplied with batteries
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  • 230V AC (INPUT) 24V DC (OUTPUT)

Inputs For

Motor Lines

  • 1

Motor Load

  • 4.8 Amp
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