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Mingardi - Micro EVO - Chain Actuator

Chain Actuator - Used as part of an Electric Window Opening system to open high level or hard to reach windows or rooflights.

Chain Actuator


Mingardi MICRO EVO Chain Window Actuator is designed for use on top hinged and bottom hinged windows, domes and skylights. Opening stroke is electronically selectable 100-400mm (4 positions).

Window Types

Key features

  • 4 selectable strokes (100-400mm)
  • Suitable for most window types and rooflights
  • Supplied with MICROEVOSB and MICROEVOBHB fixing brackets
  • Can be synced to work as a group of 2, 3 or 4 actuators
  • Double link chain with anti-corrosion treatment
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  • 230v AC
  • 24v DC

Opening stroke

  • 100mm
  • 200mm
  • 300mm
  • 400mm


  • 300N


  • White (RAL 9010)
  • Black (Anodised)
  • Silver (Anodised)
  • Sprayed specific RAL colour

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