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AOV Louvre (SV-R-L)

AOV Louvres - used as part of a smoke ventilation system to provide smoke and heat exhaust or for natural ventilation.

AOV Louvre

Product ID: SV-R-L

SV-R-L is a highly-efficient, attractive, low profile louvred smoke and natural AOV ventilator which has been specifically designed for both smoke and heat exhaust and natural ventilation applications. SV-R-L can be roof mounted for exhaust or air inlet. The system offers effective fire safety with units tested for use as smoke ventilators to BS EN 12101-2.

Key features

  • High efficiency - aerodynamically tested to BS EN 12101-2:2003
  • Durability - tested to withstand wind loads of class WL1500 and snow loads of up to class SL500 under BS EN 12101-2:2003
  • Easy installation - supplied in two parts to facilitate easy installation on site
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  • Frame

    1.5 mm press formed aluminium

  • Blades

    1.5mm single skin aluminium

  • Geometric Free Area

    1 m2 or 1.5 m2 (depending on vent size).

  • U Value


  • Voltage

    24V DC

  • Opening Speed

    > 60 secs

  • Current Consumption

    0.6 A

  • Colour

    Mill Finish or custom RAL colour

  • Certification

    EN 12101-2

  • Delivery Includes

    1 x Vent & 1 x Actuator

  • Cable Dimensions

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