Glass office building

Commercial building ventilation is essential for creating a healthy environment. Providing the necessary ventilation is also a legal requirement as detailed in Building Regulations Approved Document F. If you own or manage a commercial building, it is therefore imperative that you meet the compulsory legislation for building ventilation.

Ventilation for offices

An office environment usually contains an array of electrical equipment which generate heat. Working in an office which is not properly ventilated can be uncomfortable and in the worst case, unhealthy. There are several options for ventilating an office. The best type of ventilation will depend on a number of factors including:

  • How sheltered or exposed is the building location?
  • How tall is the building? Taller buildings are exposed to more severe exterior weather conditions.
  • Is the interior open-plan or partitioned?
  • What type of windows are in use and are they accessible?

Office ventilation can be provided by a natural ventilation system which directs the flow of air around the building’s interior. It can be sensor controlled or manually operated depending on your requirements and preferences. It is also important for an office to be fitted with a smoke control system. Smoke vents will direct smoke out of a building in the case of emergency.

Ventilation for factories

Factories produce a plethora of products. They are often dangerous environments which employ strict health and safety regulations. This is particularly true of factories where chemicals are used in either production or treatment processes. In factories where chemical fumes are present, the importance of efficient ventilation is even more important.

At Teal Products, we supply a range of ventilation products to ensure that all commercial premises are safe. Our window actuators are designed to activate window opening from a remote location to improve ventilation. We also supply a selection of ventilation controls to ensure that ventilation can be consistently controlled and regulated.

If you own or manage a commercial building, it is your responsibility to provide adequate ventilation. To make sure that your employees are working in a safe environment, good ventilation is essential. To find out more about how Teal Products can help you to create a safe and pleasant working environment contact us today. For more information about any of our products call +44 (0)1242 620 318 or send us a message online.