In order to mark the new year here at Teal Products, we’ve added some new products to our already impressive range. Take a look at what we’ve got in store and see if you can find something to suit a project you’ll be working on in 2020.

Mingardi Micro Evo2

Mingardi-MICRO-EVO2-Chain-Actuator-for-Electric-Window-Control-2The Mingardi Micro Evo2 is a single chain actuator with four selectable opening strokes that go up to an impressive 600mm. Available with operating voltages of 230V AC and 24V DC, they’re an ideal choice for top and bottom hinged windows, domes and skylights. Their double link chains have also undergone anti-corrosion treatment, ensuring for long-lasting, trouble-free operation.

CTS1 CO2 and Temperature Sensor

The CTS1 CO2 and Temperature Sensor utilises a high-accuracy temperature sensor and non-dispersive infrared sensing technology to automatically operate 24 DC window actuators in accordance with CO2 and temperature levels.


Compatible with our WCC 310/320, WSC 310/320 and WSC 520/540/560 control units, you could also use them with Mingardi Micro Evo2 actuators as part of a natural ventilation system. They have a range of configurable measuring ranges and outputs to suit the project too.

AOV Glazed Louvre

Certified to EN 12101-2 for use in natural and smoke ventilation systems, our new AOV glazed louvres are made-to-measure and available in a huge range of colours. They have an attractive, overlapping glass louvre appearance and offer solid weather-tightness, making them ideal for projects that do not require insulated glazing.

Glazed louvre for smoke ventilation

They are also compatible for use with timber, aluminium or stone panels, allowing unique looks to be created and for light to be controlled as required.

AOV Shaft Door

Suitable for horizontal and vertical installations, our AOV shaft doors are an essential component of many smoke ventilation systems. Their steel construction, flush finish and concealed hinges make them an attractive, durable and practical choice for any walls or ceilings.

AOV shaft smoke door

Available in bespoke sizes and a wealth of colours/finishes, they’re certified to BS EN12101-2 along with Building Regulations ADB and ADL. They also have a 1m2 opening, ensuring they’re capable of ventilating large volumes of smoke.

AOV Damper

Perfectly placed within smoke evacuation shafts and risers in multi-storey buildings, our AOV Dampers are used for the purposes of smoke ventilation. Featuring an operating voltage of 24V DC and built from 1.5mm of galvanised steel, they’re designed with longevity in mind.

AOV smoke shaft damper

They come in sizes of 775x1025mm and when closed, they offer a low leakage rate. However, they’re capable of extracting large volumes of smoke, when open, as a result of a 0.5m2 opening area.

AOV Centre Pivot Window

AOV centre pivot window

Available in opening sizes of 1m2 and 1.5m2, our AOV Centre Pivot Windows are suitable for a wide variety of natural and smoke ventilation systems. They utilise an electric motor that operates the window sash, making them suitable for improving daily light and ventilation levels too. With their 24V DC operating voltage, they’re also compatible with a wide range of our control units.

Certified to EN 12101-2:2003, they’re ideally located in stairwells and corridors alike.

New product brochures too!

We’ve also created some new product brochures for the new year:

Electric Rooflight Control – this contains detailed product information and how to determine which products you need when creating an electric rooflight control system.

Highline Window Control – Highline products are the best manual window control systems you can find and detailed information about them and their applications in this brochure.

Do you require any of our new products for a project your working on in 2020? Give our team a call on 01242 620318 or contact us online for more information or a free quote.