chain actuatorAre you an installer or contractor who regularly installs electric window openers? If you are then you may or may not be aware of the safety testing that actuators undertake prior to installation. Ensuring window actuators have undergone the correct safety testing procedure is essential, particularly if they are used as part of a smoke ventilation system.

Smoke ventilation systems

Smoke ventilation systems are used to remove smoke and heat from a building, keeping any escape routes clear in the event of a fire. They tend to consist of several components, including smoke sensors, manual call points and automatic opening vents (AOV). Keeping exits clear is an essential component of Approved Document B, which covers fire safety matters in and around buildings in England. Therefore, any smoke ventilation systems must conform to this standard. Any components used in the system must have also been tested to BS EN12101-10.

BS EN 12101-10

This is a European Standard that covers smoke and heat control systems in buildings. It specifies the requirements and gives test methods for electrical and pneumatic equipment used in such systems. It also provides the evaluation procedure of such equipment conforming to the requirements of this European Standard.

Automatic opening vents (AOV)

Automatic opening vents (AOVs) are an essential component of a smoke ventilation system. Ideal for use in blocks of flats or commercial applications, they are designed to open automatically once a fire has started. In order for the vent to open upon the system detecting a fire, an electric window opener is used. As mentioned earlier, this actuator has to be tested to BS EN 12101-2 standards, as it’s a component of the whole ventilation system. However, in July 2013, the regulations changed to require all smoke ventilation systems to be harmonised units. Therefore, after this date both the electric window opener used in the system and the vent have to be tested together to meet BS EN12101-2 standards.

Teal products – renowned supplier of manual & electric control systems

Teal products is a leading UK supplier of smoke ventilation systems and electric window openers. Any supplied by us are compliant with European Standards as well as Approved Document B. Require a system or actuator for your next job? Give one of our friendly team a call on 01242 620318 or send us an online message.

Information and third party regulation correct as of 13/06/2018. Please contact us for more information.

Post published: 23/08/2018