EVC control unit with rain and temperature controlsHere at Teal Products, we supply a wide range of control units for natural ventilation systems. One of our most popular options is the EVC Climate Control Unit and with very good reason. Here is why it could be the perfect solution for your next project.

Configurable to a huge range of 230V AC window actuators

The EVC control system is designed to work with a wealth of 230V AC actuators. This includes chain, linear, and folding arm actuators, meaning it can be configured to open almost any window, door, or vent for the purposes of natural ventilation. It can also automate several actuators at the same time.

Quick and easy to set up and install

As the EVC control system is quick and easy to set up and install, it is a convenient solution for installers. It also enables them to move onto their next project quicker, and time is money after all. When purchasing from us, installers also have access to full technical support should they need it.

Built-in weather station with rain, wind, and temperature sensors

EV rain and temperature window controlWhen supplying the EVC control unit, it comes with an intelligent weather station that has rain, wind, and temperature sensors built into it. This means it can automate windows to open and close based on the indoor or outdoor temperature or close when there are severe winds and rains, protecting the equipment and stopping bad weather from getting inside. However, internal temperature limits and manual override are also possible via its digital control panel.

Wireless connectivity between components

The intelligent weather station communicates wirelessly to the digital control panel, reducing the amount of electrical work required. This helps to make installations easier and tidier at the end. We also supply the EVC-RC8 remote control, which can be used to operate the system remotely.

Tested to all the relevant European EN standards

Like all the products within our extensive range, the EVC control unit has been tested to all the relevant European EN standards. It also comes with a warranty of up to 2 years, so you can expect reliable, lasting quality.

Are you interested in the EVC rain and temperature control system for your next project? Get in touch with Teal Products today. Available via next-day delivery, give us a call on 01242 620318 or contact us online for more information or a free quote.