Also known as actuators, electric window openers are sometimes overlooked as a luxury addition to the specified fenestration of a building. However, there are many reasons why they are necessary, not just to complement design, but to provide practical solutions to everyday life.

Below are four reasons why we think you should consider incorporating electric window openers.


Many buildings now feature roof windows or windows at a higher level, to increase airflow and natural light, and to enhance the architectural design. In order to regulate the indoor temperature and avoid mould or damp, it’s important that these windows are able to be opened regularly. For example, Teal Products provided MICRO chain actuators to the Natural History Museum, ensuring adequate ventilation for its priceless artefacts.

In situations like this, it’s clear that electric window openers will make life much easier for any users of the property, and their installation should definitely be considered.

Electric Window Opener

Electric Window Opener


To make things even more efficient and convenient, electric window openers can be linked to smart buildings, opening and closing according to timers. At Harrow Library, University of Westminster, Teal Products provided 40 pre-programmed WMX chain actuators, installed in pairs, to provide natural ventilation.

Smart technology can even alert the user if the windows need opening due to an increase in humidity, or whether it’s time to close them to prevent too much heat being lost.


Not only do window actuators improve safety for users by preventing the need for a ladder and enabling optimal indoor environmental conditions to be reached with ease, but when linked to a smart building, the property’s security can also be improved. Using geolocation, the window openers can tell when the user has left the building, and can be programmed to shut the windows to secure the property, proofing it against human error and decreasing the risk of burglaries.

Electric Rooflight Opening Actuator


Perhaps the building doesn’t have windows that are difficult to reach, and the users have no problem accessing them manually. However, by installing electric window openers, the property is future proofed against any future issues such as frailty in later life, illness or disability. For example, Teal Products provided 17 WMU chain actuators to New Court, a luxury retirement development in Cheltenham, as part of a wider smoke control system. The model used was chosen for its complementary design, and will improve everyday life for residents and staff.

Even without these factors, window actuators save their users time and mean windows are more likely to be opened and closed regularly, improving the indoor environment.

Electric window openers across the UK and the South West

Teal Products Ltd offers reliable products assessed to the highest standards and is now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of manual and electric window opener control systems. Our extensive product range covers all areas, including smoke control, natural ventilation controls, window automation and manual window control.

Designed to open and close windows in difficult to reach spaces, electric window openers, or actuators, are extremely easy to use.

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