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An eco-friendly and cost effective way to improve air quality, natural ventilation is an often underrated or forgotten solution that could have a huge impact on your building’s internal environment.... Read more


Also known as actuators, electric window openers are sometimes overlooked as a luxury addition to the specified fenestration of a building. However, there are many reasons why they are necessary,... Read more

Which is the best ventilation method for hotels?

A key consideration for any hotel guest is the quality of the fresh air in their room and this makes ventilation important for owners to consider. You might be wondering... Read more

Top 6 window opening types

As the UK’s foremost expert on window opening solutions, we’re well equipped to advise both businesses and homeowners about the ideal way a particular property’s windows should operate. It’s with... Read more

What is a Window Actuator?

A window actuator is a component that enables the opening of a window via motor-driven automation. Basically, it is an electric window opener and can come in various forms, including... Read more

4 reasons to switch manual & electric window opener suppliers (and choose us!)

With the pandemic giving homeowners, local authorities, and businesses time to regroup, refurbish and regenerate tired homes and buildings across the UK, demand for quality manual and electric window openers... Read more

What are the regulations for smoke ventilation within offices?

If you’re an installer of roof or wall vents, an architect who designs office spaces, or an employer who is responsible for one, it’s important to be aware of the... Read more

What is an Automatic Opening Vent (AOV)?

An Automatic Opening Vent, commonly abbreviated to AOV, is a control system designed to vent air or smoke for natural ventilation and smoke ventilation. Here at Teal Products, we are... Read more

Natural ventilation in schools using window actuators

Adequate means of ventilation and protection against overheating is essential for schools and learning environments. This is outlined in Building Bulletin 101: Guidelines on ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air... Read more

The Future Homes Standard – the key changes to Building Regulations Part F

In October 2019, the UK government announced the Future Homes Standard, an ambitious plan to improve the energy efficiency of new build homes that will be introduced by 2025. As... Read more

Natural lighting and ventilation benefits with AOV Rooflights

AOV rooflights are an excellent solution for natural light and ventilation. If you’re an installer considering one for a project you’re responsible for, here are some of the benefits of... Read more

Natural ventilation building case studies

Natural ventilation systems are ideal for improving indoor air quality. They are also more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and take up less space than mechanical ventilation systems. Here at Teal Products,... Read more

Why the EVC control system is ideal for natural ventilation systems

Here at Teal Products, we supply a wide range of control units for natural ventilation systems. One of our most popular options is the EVC Climate Control Unit and with... Read more

What types of application are folding arm actuators best suited to?

Offering a programmable opening up to 90°, folding arm actuators work as part of an electric window control system to automatically open side-hung windows and doors. They can be synchronised... Read more

New year, new products here at Teal

In order to mark the new year here at Teal Products, we’ve added some new products to our already impressive range. Take a look at what we’ve got in store... Read more

Why choose Teal Products as your wall & roof vents supplier

Wall vents and roof vents can be used for the purposes of smoke and natural ventilation. Here at Teal Products, we supply both types for a variety of projects across... Read more

A round-up of our best bits at this year’s FIT Show

The FIT Show is an annual, large exhibition event for the window, door, conservatory and glazing industry. It is held at the NEC, Birmingham and this year’s event took place... Read more

How many types of ventilation are there?

There are many types of ventilation, many of which are categorised as a form of smoke ventilation or natural ventilation. Providing buildings with ventilation controls is essential for complying with... Read more

Choosing the right ventilation option for commercial buildings

  Commercial building ventilation is essential for creating a healthy environment. Providing the necessary ventilation is also a legal requirement as detailed in Building Regulations Approved Document F. If you... Read more

Is there a legal duty to provide smoke ventilation as a landlord?

After the Grenfell Tower tragedy last year, the government issued a full enquiry to discover the cause(s) of the fire. This enquiry found that the smoke ventilation system was reported... Read more

Our quick guide to AOV window regulations

Forming part of a smoke ventilation system, Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) are a required safety measure for multi-storey residential buildings. If you’re an installer of Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs), you... Read more

Ventilation options for high-rise commercial & residential buildings

Approved Document F covers ventilation requirements for all buildings. It states that adequate means of ventilation shall be provided for people in buildings. How ventilation is provided is not always... Read more

Summer break sees boom in number of Highline systems fitted in schools

During this year’s summer break, hundreds of schools around the UK were fitted with Highline systems. The current boom of Highline installations, no doubt being performed in preparation for the... Read more

Have your electric window openers gone through safety testing?

Are you an installer or contractor who regularly installs electric window openers? If you are then you may or may not be aware of the safety testing that actuators undertake... Read more

Have you incorporated an AOV into your fire strategy?

Are you an electrical contractor responsible for installing fire alarm/detection systems in new university residences, housing developments or schools? If so, you might have experience installing automatic opening vents (AOV),... Read more

How do electric window openers work

Generally, electric window openers, also known as electric window actuators, are operated remotely. A button is pressed or held down, activating a motor which powers the opening mechanism. The process relies... Read more

Why motorised window openers are useful for commercial buildings

Are you involved in the management or maintenance of a commercial building? It could be an office building, school, retail outlet, local authority establishment, or any other commercial property. If... Read more

Is your office ventilation smart?

All offices must be well ventilated. To meet increasingly stringent Health and Safety regulations, a continuous supply of fresh air is necessary. Adequate ventilation is also a pre-requisite for a... Read more